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Mark Hall - Raminator

Team Background:

Nothing can stop this team! Hall Brothers Racing is moving into the future with hard work and demanding schedules. The team is gearing up for an intense display and race season and is looking forward to winning more championships!

After the year end awards were handed out, Hall Brothers Racing, with their RAMINATOR and RAMMUNITION monster trucks have some new numbers to add to their resume. Crew Chief Tim Hall is now a four time MTRA “Mechanic of the Year,” while Mark Hall’s number of times winning the “Driver of the Year” award has increased to a record seven! RAMINATOR has won the coveted “Truck of the Year” six times as well! Add seventeen season point championships to this list and it makes for some pretty impressive stats. When asked about this season, Mark Hall says, “You can never let your past success go to your head. We run against some great competition, and it is always anybody’s race. We just have to keep doing the best we can and see what happens.” Tim Hall agrees. “We have a lot of power in our trucks and great drivers in the seats. Our team feels very fortunate with our achievements and
we just have to keep doing what we do!”

Both RAMINATOR and RAMMUNITION have 565 cubic-inch supercharged Hemi® engines that can certainly take care of business---and the competition. Tim, Mat and crew work 10-plus hours daily making sure all trucks and equipment are greased, geared and ready to win.

Tim and Mark invite you to browse our RAMINATOR/RAMMUNITION Monster Truck web site often to check race, display and Ram dealer schedules. If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch a look at these trucks at a race, you will surely have the chance to see them somewhere down the road as the Hall Brothers will continue to make as many public appearances at Dodge dealerships as they can. It may be a display or car crush or you may even get to climb aboard the RAMINATOR ride truck! Complete with its own Hemi® and eight seats in the back, it is a thrill ride itself!


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